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I suffered from migraine headaches for 24 years, with increasing frequency and intensity of pain as time went on. I had tried just about every remedy known to man, from allopathic medicine (pain medication) to Eastern spiritual healing (energetic healing by a Hindu holy woman). I was truly desperate and often doubtful that a solution to this debilitating condition would ever be found. Some of these treatments helped ease the pain, some lessened the frequency, but none ultimately put an end to my migaines until I was treated by Kellie with homeopathy. Thankfully, Kellie's attempt at finding the right remedy proved succesful, and I have been almost completely free of migraines for the past six months. And this is coming from someone who had, until recently, severe migraines at least 3-4 times a week!

I highly recommend Kellie as a qualified homeopathic practitioner; she is patient, intelligent and intuitive, knowledgeable, thorough, and diligent. She has a real dedication and passion for her calling. Without her help, and the blessing of homeopathy, I am absolutely certain that I would still be suffering from constant and painful migraines today.

- SN, Jamaica Plain, MA


Shift in Perspective

I am a complete believer and a real life example of how homeopathy can change your life and set you on the right path. Beginning just a few days after I started my remedy, I felt more "even" overall, which was great, but that was only the beginning. I started noticing specific situations that addressed a lot of my troubles, where my reaction was completely different than it was before I went to see Kellie.

When it came to communication, I was very aware of the fact that I was unable to let conflict go without immediate resolution. Since I started the remedy, I have seen HUGE differences. I am now able to step out of a situation, allow for time and space to process, and come back to communicate much more productively. This was one of my biggest shortcomings and one that has changed for the better and enabled me to better communicate in all my relationships - personal and professional.

I also suffered from anticipation and worry leading up to an unknown situation. I would spend time agonizing about something I had to do and it made even the simplest task feeling daunting. This all changed after I started the remedy. I noticed that my anticipation issues and fear of the unknown vanished and suddenly that period of anxiety leading up to a given situation was completely gone. Before I was never able to really take things in stride because I would think it to death and stress myself out, but now I can really take things as they come.

Before I started homeopathy, I had a lot of trouble making decisions and would dwell and dwell and overcomplicate even simple decisions. Now, I am able to go with my gut more immediately, making better decisions, at work and in my personal life, more efficiently - and not turning back.

I also had a lot of trouble moving on from past difficulties, the best example of which was a past relationship that ended badly. The start of the remedy was a definite turning point for me and I have been able to process things more quickly and rationally and put them behind me. Today I am able to look back at what happened in a healthy way, but not let it impact my everyday life in the present, allowing me to move forward in my life.

I could go on and on about the ways that starting homeopathy has changed me for the better. The decision to see Kellie was definitely one of the best decisions I've ever made in my life! --

- LH, Boston


Chronic Anxiety

Having been frustrated by traditional treatment for my depression and anxiety I decided to explore a holistic remedy. I was extremely fortunate to be referred to Kellie Kirkpatrick, who immediately found a remedy that healed me from the deep sadness and fear that had plagued me most of my life. Taking a leap of faith in Kellie and homeopathy resulted in a transformation much deeper than just finding a cure for an ailment. It marked the beginning of a healing process that would quietly address physical, emotional and psychological issues that had impeded my ability to realize my full potential. Several years have past since my first treatment by Kellie and the impact has been dramatic. I truly credit homeopathy with being the "cure" that transformed every aspect of my life for the better.

- Kristin Bredimus, Boston
Director of the Music Division for TRP.


Sensory Processing Disorder

We went to Kellie to get help with our daughter’s Sensory Processing Disorder (SPD). SPD is a neurological condition that interferes with the brain’s processing of information received through the five senses: touch, taste, hearing, smell, and sight. SPD may also affect the sense of balance and movement.

A child with SPD is able to perceive sensory information, but the perception of the sensation is out of proportion to the actual experience. SPD can affect a child’s ability to focus at school; to function in a socially appropriate manner; or to perform everyday, basic tasks of living.

Our daughter had issues brushing her hair or cutting nails – the sensations were overwhelming and unbearable. She had trouble acting “normally in large crowds or with new people, and couldn’t ride her two-wheel bike because she lacked the confidence that she would be able to balance on her bike.

Kellie spent time talking to us and our daughter about her behavior and the issues surrounding her SPD. We talked in detail about what changes we wanted to see happen within our daughter, and what our goals were for her treatment. Kellie worked to develop the right homeopathic remedy that might allow our daughter to more easily process sensations and to adapt himself to the environment.

After the first round of remedy we saw distinct changes in our daughter’s behavior. She had more confidence entering new social situations. Previously impossible grooming tasks – brushing her hair and clipping her nails – became  less of an issue. The most dramatic change was a newfound confidence – enough to ride her two-wheel bike.  She went from not even wanting to try to ride without training wheels to mastering a two-wheeler in one short weekend!

In addition, she had quite a bit of difficulty in interacting with people that she knew well but that she might not have seen frequently or often. For example, her grandmother and grandfather, who she knows well but sees infrequently because they live in Oregon, came for a visit. Usually it takes a day or two for her to warm up to them – in this case and right after the remedy had been administered – she jumped right up and gave each of them a big hug. This was a tremendous improvement over how she had acted previously.

Kellie was able to determine and suggest a remedy that not only helped our daughter’s behavior but helped the general quality of her life.

I highly recommend Kellie and her services in dealing with SPD’s.

– DW, Needham, MA


Chronic Pneumonia

My husband and I took our Daughter Danielle who was then 4 to see Kellie Kirkpatrick after she has battled with respiratory problems and chronic pneumonia. When Danielle got a cold, it would not subside as it would with our older daughter or other children. Instead, she would spike a high fever and her lungs would fill with fluid and eventually she would be diagnosed with pneumonia. Every cold or sniffle became a scary process for our family as we were always wondering if it would result in something more serious. Danielle also had chronic ear infections as a baby and was always congested throughout her sinus passages. The doctors wanted to prescribe steroids, inhalers, and allergy medication for Danielle to “help” with all of these symptoms. I had known Kellie previously from a previous job experience and decided to try homeopathy instead. We are so glad that we did!!! Kellie met with us for about 2 hours and we received the remedy shortly after. We saw almost an immediate difference in Danielle as far as her congestion and susceptibility to respiratory problems. It’s been 2 years since we saw Kellie and we are happy to report that Danielle has not had anything more serious than a minor cold since! When she gets a cold, it subsides in a normal amount of time and we no longer worry that she will get pneumonia. As a matter of fact, a nasty cold went around our house this season, and Danielle was the only one who did not need a good round of antibiotics to clear out bronchitis! We are so thankful for knowing Kellie and for all the wonderful work she does for the families she works with.

AD, Canton, MA


Aleep at the wheel

I first met Kellie in July '05. I had shingles which depleted all of my energy. I was refered to her for accupuncture, which was very successful. I was so happy with her & the care she gave, I turned to her for help with other ailments as they arrose: twisted ankle, hand pain & stress. Then in December '06 I was overcome with sleepiness while driving. I would fall dead asleep at the wheel, no matter what time of am or pm. NOTHING I did would keep me awake. I was scared for my own & others' safety. kellie suggested homeopathy. I went in for a thorough "intake interview" which lasted at least an hour. The general problem it seemed was repressed emotions. Kellie took a few days to digest my symptoms & history. She then gave me a remedy to take for the next month or so. I felt immediate relief!! The driving sleepiness went away, and I noticed other changes. I began to change the way I felt and acted in my life. Previously when under great stress I would spiral down through sadness into despair then into suicidal thoughts. I am happy to report I lived with great stress for over 6 months of this year & never once thought of suicide. That is miraculous. I need to mention how she helped my dog. I used to travel a lot, for fun. I went to Hawaii for 2 weeks once & he cried & barked every day, all day. My poor neighbors were going crazy. I mentioned it to Kellie; she recommended flower essences to give to him daily while I was away. I left the instructions with my boyfriend, who I am sure was more than skeptical. He did administer the remedy & voila - no barking or crying at all. Funny enough, the last day he didn't give the dog the remedy, knowing I would be home that day & the dog barked & cried all day. I fully support & recommend Kellie's services & homeopathy in general. It is now my first line of defense when I am experiencing something out of the ordinary. For a wonderful history and testimonial on homeopathy I suggest reading the Impossible Cure.


Behavioral Problems

Our 8 year old daughter, Polly, has always struggled with anxiety, high intensity, aggression toward her sister, and difficulty with social situations. She is also the type of child that is “always on the move” and extremely restless or “busy” as the teachers called it. This year in school, the nurse informed me that she had been to the nurse’s office a total of 55 times from September to May. I am an occupational therapist who works in pediatrics and I see many kids with sensory integration problems. I noticed some issues with sensory processing with my own daughter and did get her some intervention, however her behavioral issues and anxiety remained the same as did her social skills. I would find myself becoming very frustrated almost all the time with Polly and she became very difficult to be around. I noticed that she did not have many close friends and that social situations were very hard for her to manage. We took Polly to see Kellie as both my younger daughter and myself have seen her for homeopathy. Polly’s whole energy and spirit shifted for the positive with the remedy. It took a bit of time to see the results but when I saw them, they were profound. She has not been to the nurse’s office in camp once this summer and comes home and talks about friends and how much fun she’s having. She is also more settled and we can go out to dinner as a family without her having to get up every couple of minutes. I find her much less likely to snap at others, yell at others, or hit her sister. We just went on a family vacation and she had such a wonderful time and made a friend that she stayed with all week long. When we left she said goodbye to the friend and told him that she would miss him. This is a huge break through for Polly as she was never really able to express her feelings to others in an appropriate way. Overall I feel that Polly is happier in who she is, more settled in her self, and a lot easier and more fun to be around! We cannot thank Kellie enough for all of her help with our entire family and I personally recommend her very highly.

DA, Canton, MA


Leg Pain

In 2002 I was diagnosed with spinal stenosis. My doctor gave me 2 spinal injections for the intense leg, ankle and foot pain. Each injection relieved the pain, but only for about 7 days. I was desperate. Kellie K. suggested I try homeopathy. After a very short time on my remedy I was free of leg pain and still am today. (2007) I also went to Kellie for bunion pain. The pain is gone, even though the bunion is still “there”.

N.S, Boston